Chris Bunjamin


Chris Bunjamin wants his photography to be real.

With a background in commercial and high fashion photography, he is all too familiar with a world of set-ups and staging. But Bunjamin also yearns for the authentic - to “catch the things in life that others don’t see” - through capturing the unique characteristics of individuals within his frame. An active observer of the surroundings in his resident Indonesia, he always keeps an eye out for spontaneous opportunities to create connections with his subjects. Whether constructing personal shots of fleeting moments of framing the grandeur of nature alongside details of modernity, his aesthetic is “vast, yet intimate”, acknowledging different kinds of lighting to capture colours that are subtle and harmonious. 

Written by Xinyi Yang of Photography Is Art Magazine.




I tell stories through my photos, my personal point of view of things that revolve around me, things that interest me, from art, food, fashion, technology, cultures, traditions, communities and of course the unique characters of individuals in it.